A glimpse of the Caledonian Canal


I went to Fort Augustus to play the fiddle, so the Caledonian Canal was merely incidental (this time) – but I certainly wasn’t complaining about having something so nice on my doorstep – the shop and hostel were on one side and the classes and the pub on the other, so there was plenty of crossing over!

This section was more or less the last part to be built, as the canal started at both ends and moved towards the middle – Fort Augustus is just where the link between Loch Ness and Loch Lochy enters Loch Ness.

A little ‘pepperpot’ lighthouse marks the entrance to the canal – these are the smallest lighthouses in Britain.


There is a little canal centre where the road crosses over – cafe, shop and information. I especially liked the poster of Telford as the Colossus of Roads – sadly these don’t seem to be on sale!


The especially exciting thing about the canal was that they had taken all the water out of the locks for repairs and to replace a pair of gates.


This puts all the stonework on display, which really was quite an impressive sight. The workers have been finding original masons’ marks, although they don’t seem to have recovered anything particularly odd from the canal!


(There are plenty more pictures on Scottish Canal’s and other people’s twitter – this seems to have been fascinating everyone!

Further along it’s more of a broad pool – I’m not sure I understand how the water stays in, but then part of this section uses the original course of the River Oich, and water stays in rivers…


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