Nelson Gate, Sproxton


It seems to be a month for gates. When I walked the Cleveland Way from Helmsley last year, I didn’t realised that I was only a couple of miles away from one of the oldest Trafalgar memorials, erected at the gates to Duncombe Park in 1806. So, heading back to the coast, I took the chance to take a very scenic route from York to Scarborough and pay a visit to the gate, as well as a second visit to Helmsley when it was likely to be a bit less overrun with tourists.

The main entrance is beside Helmsley Castle, so this is a ‘back gate’, with a little lodge, and the road running away straight at first, although further on it winds through the grounds.

Gate and lodge

The stonework of the gate has decayed badly over the years, and the front part of the pillars has recently been replaced.

Nelson Gate

The gate is inscribed with the date, 1806, and a dedication:

To the memory of Lord Viscount Nelson and the unparalleled gallant achievements of the British Navy

Nelson Gate inscription

The gate was unlocked, so I slipped through to see if there was an inscription on the back, not really expecting one.

This side is more poetical, inscribed:

Lamented Hero!
O price his conquering country grieved to pay
O dear bought glories of Trafalgar’s Day!

Reverse inscription


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