Siegestor, Munich


I really only passed through Munich, on my way home from a trip to an Austrian Christmas market for once (before I can never go anywhere again), but while I was there I wandered off in the pouring rain to look at the Siegestor, a monument to the Bavarian forces who fought against Napoleon, in the days when what is now Germany was still a collection of smaller states.

The monument sits at the end of Ludwigstrasse, a great boulevard which leads out from the city centre lined with various important buildings – it’s all very plain and very imposing, something like the equivalent of late Georgian, and although the Bavarian state library and record office are still there, along with university and court buildings, it’s all a bit empty and bleak.


The monument is in the form of a triumphal arch, with Bavarian lions on the top.


Beneath the inscription are carved panels showing battle scenes.

Battle scenes

The monument was badly damaged during WW2, and deliberately only partially restored – the reverse side is blank, with a new inscription reading ‘Dedicated to victory, destroyed by war, urging peace’.

The reverse

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