I had planned to go to the Jane Austen museum in Chawton after my visit to Selborne, but as it turned out I got to Selborne late, and decided not to rush about, and ended up only with time to look at the house from the outside – I had to walk up that far to catch the bus along the main road into Alton anyway.

The first view of the village coming up from the south is the church and Chawton House in the trees – a more imposing church than 200 years ago, because it was mostly destroyed in a fire in 1871, but the same location.

Chawton church

Chawton House was the home – or one of the homes – of Jane Austen’s brother, and features in her letters as the ‘Great House’.

Chawton House

The house where she and her mother and sister lived is on the main street of the village.

Museum sign

A plaque has been put on the house by ‘her admirers in this country and in America’ – I think this dates back to before the house became a museum.

Memorial plaque

I didn’t have time to do more than just prowl around the outside of the house – front entrances to the street, side entrances facing onto the garden, and bakehouse in the courtyard behind.

Jane Austen House Museum
Side view of the house

But I wouldn’t have had time for a proper wander round the village anyway, and I didn’t get to Winchester Cathedral, or to see the Round Table, so I’ll just have to go back another time and do all these things!

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