Throwback: Trafalgar Square

I did more wandering about London than I expected to on the day I was heading for Gibraltar – I was really there for the Trafalgar Day service, but having come out of St Paul’s with time to spare I decided to wander along the river as far as Somerset House, and still having time when I got there I decided I might as well go as far as Trafalgar Square.

This was one of the destination of my first solo trip to London, of course (a quite eclectic trip that one, including the Admiralty, Half Moon Street and the far end of the Cromwell Road!) – but I had actually been there on a much earlier trip, where all I remember is sticking my feet in the fountain on a ridiculously hot day, and having a pigeon stand on my head!

Nelson’s Column is a fairly late monument, despite being the most famous one, not started until 1840.

Nelson’s Column

As with the monument in Glasgow, the different sides of the monument are given over to different battles, this time in the form of bronze reliefs – the death of Nelson at Trafalgar, and Cape St Vincent, the Nile, and Copenhagen.

The Death of Nelson
Cape St Vincent
The Nile

The top of the column is decorated with metal recovered from the wreck of HMS Royal George.

Nelson statue

The Old Admiralty Building is really just round the corner – although I’m not sure that I ever went round to the Horse Guard’s Parade side, so I better go back some time for another prowl around.

Old Admiralty Building

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