The Georgian House, Edinburgh

The Georgian House

Last weekend I had company – one of my Age of Sail friends was visiting Edinburgh, and we went to the Georgian House, which is another of these things I’ve somehow never got round to doing.

I do seem to have been on a bit of a New Town kick lately, and this is the heart of it – one of the places they lit up when they did the Georgian Shadows show, in fact.

I didn’t get round to taking many photos, and my camera was playing up a bit, but I did manage a few.

The parlour was the sitting quietly room, with the comfortable chairs and the bookcase, but my favourite thing was the barrel organ – which when you look inside is exactly like the turn-the-handle music boxes you get today, only on a larger scale.

Barrel organ
Giant music box

And it knew how to play the Fairy Dance, along with a handful of other tunes which are still familiar today.

The drawing room, also on the first floor, was the party room – big and empty enough for dancing.

Drawing room
Drawing room fire

You started at the top of the house and worked down, and we found it a bit odd that the sitting rooms were upstairs and the main bedroom downstairs!

It made sense to have the dining room on the ground floor, though, because downstairs again was the kitchen, so it meant that the food didn’t have so far to come. I was impressed by their array of pots and pans, and especially by the jelly moulds.

Pots and pans

Also down here was the well stocked wine cellar.

Wine cellar

And then we wandered off to drink tea and talk about George Heneage Dundas and Christy-Pallière and other mutual friends, which was nice!

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