Georgian Shadows

This past weekend was the end of a light show celebrating the 250th anniversary of Edinburgh’s New Town – called ‘Georgian Shadows’, although it was really mostly the opposite of shadows, with people made out of light projected onto the buildings.

On Saturday night I managed to look around the buildings near St Andrew’s Square, after getting back quite late from the Borders.

General Register House was decorated with words from the original New Town proposals.

Register House

Dundas House had a light show which picked out different elements of its architecture.

Dundas House

The Melville Monument was telling the story of the plans, moving from the old town to the new.

The old town
New town plans

By Sunday night the clocks had changed and there wasn’t much darkness – instead it was that deep blue twilight which is the real shadow time.

The Georgian House in Charlotte Square had the only real shadows, setting the table for dinner.


The link boy, carrying his torch, was the element which ran through all the different light shows – he turned up at some point on every building.

Link boy

At the Assembly Rooms a queue of ladies and gentlemen were waiting to get in.

The Assembly Rooms

And St Andrew’s and St George’s West Church – the oldest in the New Town, opened as St Andrew’s in 1784 – was showing portraits of some of the early inhabitants – here two sedan chairmen wait for a customer.

Church portraits

One thought on “Georgian Shadows

  1. Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog. Not many Age of Sail content is online and your posts are always so interesting. Thanks!


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