Roddam Hall

I was away at Wooler for a few days after Christmas, and coming down from the edge of the hills I passed through Roddam, birthplace and eventual home of Admiral Robert Roddam – on whose ship Lenox a young Cuthbert Collingwood served for a time as a midshipman. Although Collingwood is sometimes commented on as being unusual as a northerner in the navy, there were quite a few men from Northumberland around – and they did tend to stick together!

Coming down towards Roddam from Calders farm (also part of the Roddam estate), you pass through first Boat Wood and then Admiral Avenue, planted by the admiral – I do like the names.

Boat Wood
Admiral Avenue

Roddam farm at the bottom of the avenue has a wonderful arched gateway – apparently once the entrance to the estate’s stable block.

Stableyard entrance

The original front of Roddam Hall faces out over the fields, with the side nearest the road being one of two wings built later – possibly by the admiral again.

Roddam Hall from the road

Further down towards the main road, the lodge still has an impressive gate to allow you to close the road, presumably dating from a time when it was more the road into the estate and less just one of many roads to the hills.

Lodge and gate

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