Waterloo monument – Peniel Heugh

Waterloo Monument

I made a short detour from the Borders Abbeys Way this weekend to walk up to the Waterloo Monument on Peniel Heugh, a few miles north of Jedburgh. It’s a distinctive sight from quite a long way around – I first became aware of it while walking St Cuthbert’s Way a few years ago.

Peniel Heugh from the Borders Abbeys Way

Up close it’s still pretty impressive, although it was obviously made to be seen from a distance – the gallery was a later addition.

The momunent
Location plaque

The dedication reads ‘To the Duke of Wellington and the British Army William Kerr VI Marquis of Lothian and his tenantry dedicate this monument XXX June MDCCCXV’, but it was actually built between 1817 and 1824, after an earlier monument begun in 1815 collapsed.