Collingwood Society AGM

Last week I was down in Newcastle for the Collingwood Society AGM – with the summer break it felt like a very long time since I’d made a meeting, apart from lurking in the rain on Trafalgar Day.

They generally talk through the plans for the next year at the AGM – every year I think I shouldn’t go down too often, and then they read out the programme and I realise this is implausable, and this time more than ever – I can’t remember it all now, but it includes surgery in the Age of Sail (perfect for a Stephen Maturin fan), Max Adams talking about things which Collingwood’s son-in-law didn’t think fit to include in his published letters, and a picnic on the quarterdeck walk at Morpeth in the summer.

And then we had a tour of Trinity House, only we’d talked so much that I had to slip away before the end, and still only just made the last train home.

This reminds me that I never posted about going to see Max Adams in the book festival – he was talking about his new book, which is about the Dark Ages, but I took along the Collingwood book to get signed as well.


He said that he didn’t think anyone read both that and the Dark Ages stuff – but I first stumbled over Ad Gefrin on my way to Hethpool, so it’s all mixed up together for me anyway. And he told me he still had a soft spot for Collingwood – “He’s something special, isn’t he?”. With which I entirely agree.