Throwback: Eidsvoll

Although this could perfectly well be an ‘Age of Sail in everything’ post!

I was thinking when I was saw the monuments to the Spanish constitution of 1812 this summer that it had obviously been the time for it, and in Oslo this weekend I was thinking about it again – I knew that the Norwegian constitution was written in 1814, and I’d been a few years ago to Eidsvoll, a bit to the north of Oslo, where it was written and signed.

The dates are no coincidence, of course – the Napoleonic wars were stirring things up all over Europe, and it was Denmark being on the losing side which led to Norway – which had been essentially part of Denmark since 1524 – becoming briefly an independent country, with a king chosen by the people rather than ruling through right, and then part of a personal union under the king of Sweden (formerly Marshal Bernadotte!)

For some reason I don’t have a good picture of the house – or the flag, which was being shy – but here is part of each at least.

1814 flag with Norwegian lion on Danish colours

There was a very smart guard outside, but I preferred the lion on the steps!

Lounging lion

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