Captain Cook in Middlesbrough

I had an odd day free in Newcastle last weekend, and took the chance to do the last part of my east coast quest that I’ll be able to do as a day trip (going south, anyway!) – from the Transporter Bridge in Middlesbrough, where I left off in February, out to the sea at Redcar to get back onto the coast.

So since I was down that way, I decided I’d take the chance to go and look at Captain Cook’s birthplace. The site of the original village of Marton where he was born is now in the middle of a park, having been demolished to build a big house, which was later demolished itself.

The owner of the house built a memorial to Captain Cook in the form of an urn in his grounds.

Captain Cook birthplace memorial
Memorial inscription

This is all that’s left of the grand house – part of some kind of building in the garden, I think.

Remains of the house

The museum on the site isn’t huge, but it was interesting, and full of things from Cook’s voyages, as well as information about his earlier life. Outside they have some connections to places he visited as well.

Outside the Museum
Marton Moai

Coming back from Redcar I had just enough time between trains at Thornaby to dash down to the river to look at the replica of the Endeavour there – sadly I didn’t have enough sense to go down and look at it from the other side of the river, so the best photo I have is end on from the bridge – I couldn’t get far enough from it otherwise!

From the back