An unexpected find

I am deep in dissertation chaos – which sadly is chaotic, and not producing many words.
But since I’ve been going through a list of books from an early 19th century library, it has all been impeccably Age of Sail. And one thing that jumped out at me was

Golownin’s (Captain) Narrative of his Captivity and Observations on Japan: to which is added an Account of Voyages to the Coast of Japan, &c. by Captain Rikord

Golovnin, of course, is the Russian captain who Stephen Maturin meets in Cape Town in The Mauritius Command, but it had never occurred to me before then that he was a real person, never mind that he might have written a book. He seems to have written one about the Cape Town trip as well, but that’s not in my library!

There are various other naval books and stories in the list, but the other thing that jumped out at me, as the catalogue is roughly alphabetical within its subjects, was the  juxtaposition on the same page, of the ‘Trials’ of several United Irishmen, and of ‘Charles Random de Bernenger, Lord Cochrane, The Hon. Andrew Cochrane Johnstone, Richard Gathorne Butt, Ralph Sandom, Alexander McRae, John Peter Holloway, and Henry Lyte, for Conspiracy’.

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