Hartlepool Historic Dockyard

I am…not doing very well at early in the week posting. Already. Anyway.

My new year’s wanderings this time took me down the County Durham coast, ending up in Hartlepool, so of course I had to go to see Trincomalee.

I had been on the ship not all that long ago, when the Collingwood Society visited in June, and I didn’t have a lot of time, so my focus this time was on the dockyard buildings.

I love the way Trincomalee towers over everything around her – I find it difficult to remember how big these ships were, and especially to imagine how big they would have seemed when there weren’t as many tall buildings.

Towering over the dockyard

This picture is taken from the paddle steamer next door, which seems very flat in comparison.

From Wingfield Castle

Most of the buildings are set up with scenes in the front section, and displays and information boards in the parts behind. This is the preparations for a young midshipman going to sea. No plum cake, I don’t think!

Packing the sea chest

This is the plans for a new ship – the admiral in charge studying the model critically.

Model ship

Models on a much smaller scale – a seaman puts a stitch throught a dead shipmate’s nose, to the surgeon’s disapproval.

Stitch through the nose

Sailors are not the only inhabitants of the ships!


This is one of the things I was looking forward to seeing again, but I couldn’t get a good photo of it – part of a display on uniform, but I love the way he looks ready to go and sort something out, rather than posing beautifully.


I’m not sure whether the shop and advertising signs are copies of authentic ones or not, but I like them!

Chandlers sign
Widow Welch’s pills
Dockyard shops

This is the main building at the head of the dock (you can tell by the clock that this picture was actually taken in June, but never mind).

Dockyard building

I didn’t take a lot of pictures of Trincomalee herself – it didn’t seem fair when I hadn’t paid my 50p to take pictures on board – but I couldn’t resist this cat!

Ship’s cat

The Christmas decorations were still up in the great cabin when I was there, and from outside it looked wonderfully cosy.

Seasonal cabin

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