A catchup miscellany

Oops. I was doing so well at this, and then December happened!

Anyway. The first weekend in December had the Collingwood Society quiz in it, which was a bit quiet, but great fun – and I’m not only saying that because I ended up on the winning team!

If you want to have a go yourself, Round 1 has now been posted on their website.

I was also a bit distracted finding out all sorts of things about the Dundas families.

The next weekend I was in Switzerland, which of course has no sea to sail on. I expect I could have found something Napoleonic to write about – probably the St Bernard Pass, which there was an exhibit about in the Natural History museum – but I didn’t, so have a picture of the Chateau de Chillon, which Byron made famous in 1816.


The weekend after that I was in Carlisle, and went sneaking off at lunchtime to find these names, which get everywhere.

Collingwood Street, Carlisle
Trafalgar Street, Carlisle
Nelson Street, Carlisle

And I will do better next year!

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