A catchup miscellany

Oops. I was doing so well at this, and then December happened!

Anyway. The first weekend in December had the Collingwood Society quiz in it, which was a bit quiet, but great fun – and I’m not only saying that because I ended up on the winning team!

If you want to have a go yourself, Round 1 has now been posted on their website.

I was also a bit distracted finding out all sorts of things about the Dundas families.

The next weekend I was in Switzerland, which of course has no sea to sail on. I expect I could have found something Napoleonic to write about – probably the St Bernard Pass, which there was an exhibit about in the Natural History museum – but I didn’t, so have a picture of the Chateau de Chillon, which Byron made famous in 1816.


The weekend after that I was in Carlisle, and went sneaking off at lunchtime to find these names, which get everywhere.

Collingwood Street, Carlisle
Trafalgar Street, Carlisle
Nelson Street, Carlisle

And I will do better next year!


The Age of Sail in everything: Dove Cottage

I can’t remember now what brought this into my mind this week!

Back in the spring I was in Grasmere for a couple of days, and took myself off to Dove Cottage on a very soggy morning when the weather really wasn’t fit for heading for the hills. It was interesting – apart from the house itself, there was an exhibition on at the time on the Napoleonic wars, and I got to try writing with a quill pen and ink.

But of course I had to find a naval connection somewhere, and it was on the wall of one of the rooms upstairs, which Dorothy Wordsworth famously papered with newspapers. It was actually the name of Captain Bertie – of Mauritius Command fame – which jumped out at me, before I noticed another friend.

Naval wallpaper

The Wordworths’ brother John, as well, was the captain of an East India Company ship, the Earl of Abergavenny, and was killed when it sank in 1805. The place where they last parted, at Grisedale Hause between Grasmere and Patterdale, is marked with a memorial.

Brothers’ Parting Stone
Brothers’ Parting Stone inscription