Collingwood dances

I don’t have much to say this week – we were down in Newcastle (which makes the fourth time in a month and a half for me, I think!), but dancing, not adventuring.

So have some Collingwood dances, to go with the Collingwood tunes (except that they don’t – one of these tunes has gone missing from its book, and the other I’ve found no sign of!).

These are from The Treasures of Terpsichore, a book of English country dances published in 1809 and updated in 1816.

Collingwood dances

According to the Regency Dances, the first set of figures fits a tune played one – 16 bars – and the second set can be used to go twice through the tune, so the two figures are alternatives, not two parts of a dance.

There is an art to interpreting old dance instructions, and it’s one I don’t know much about – there were specific words used to describe figures now, and there are specific words used now, but they’re not always the same thing. Maybe I’ll find out more about it some time!

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